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Wow, pretty long time since I've done an episode. I was checking my e-mail this morning to see that I got another fan, despite having even come here for a few months, so that inspired me to make another episode. I didn't really feel like doing an episode with a bunch of random songs like I usually do, because I haven't been listening to a lot of the j-pop I've been getting, so I decided to make a special featuring only one band, the brilliant green.

Songs played in this episode:
the brilliant green - Stand by me
the brilliant green - There will be love there -Ai no Aru Basho-
the brilliant green - Tsumetai Hana
the brilliant green - Ai no Ai no Hoshi
the brilliant green - Rainy days never stays
the brilliant green - Forever to me ~Owarinaki Kanashimi~


Still sort of sick, but I got something to make me feel better. A new mic! It records a heck of a lot clearer than my old one. No more popping noises whenever I make a "p" noise! Also, there's a lot less general noise, which means I could use my noise remover to get rid of it. It causes some odd distortion if you listen really carefully, but I doubt it's too noticible. If it is, let me know and I'll try to work around it. Coincidentally, I have a lot more to say in this episode, although it's not like some astoundingly large amount. This week's featured artist is Fukuyama Masaharu. I meant to play him in an episode earlier but forgot to... Don't you just love the CD cover?

Songs played in this episode:
Fukuyama Masaharu - Tokyo ni mo Attanda
Atari Kousuke - Hana
CHEMISTRY - Sora no Kiseki
ET-KING - Beautiful Life
Monkey Majik + Yoshida Kyoudai - Change


Ugh, been sick for the last week. Did this episode while my voice was still shooken up. Hopefully it doesn't sound that bad... or, not worse than usual anyway. BoA's the only noteworthy mainstream artist this week in my opinion. Others didn't impress me, not that I expected them to though.

NOTE: At the end of the episode, I say that the last song is a cover of Antonio Inoki's theme song. This isn't entirely true. After some research, I learned that the song is actually a cover of a korean song called Bom-ba-ye by Side-B. This song however is actually a remix tribute to Antonio Inoki's theme song called Honno no Fighter. So technically, Shippu Jinrai is a cover of a remix of Antonio Inoki's theme song. I should've known better than to think that DJ Ozma actually mixed the song himself.

Songs played in this episode:
BoA - Sweet Impact
nobodyknows+ - Hero's Come Back!!
DEEN - Yume no Tsubomi
DJ OZMA - Shippu Jinrai ~Inochi BOM-BA-YE~


I made this episode while watching The Tuxedo, so I was a bit distracted. The movie sure is cheesy... Anyway, there's some pretty random songs this week, starting with Seamo's Cry Baby.

Songs played in this episode:
SEAMO - Cry Baby
Spitz - Looking For
Merry - Blind Romance
Chatmonchy - Joshitachi ni Asu wa Nai
INFINITY 16 welcomez Shounan no Kaze, MINMI, MOOMIN - Dream Lover


Part two of episode 23. This one's the poppier one.

Songs played in this episode:
Kobukuro - Tsubomi
Ito Yuna - I'm Here
BONNIE PINK - Anything For You
Ketsumeishi - Train


Back on air once again! I will have enough time in my schedule to do episodes regularly again (hopefully), so the next episodes will come back by the week. For now, I bring to you a two part episode, the first of which features rock released within the last month.

Songs played in this episode:
GLAY - Kodou
THE BACK HORN - Utsukushii Namae
Mucc - Libra
the pillows - Scarecrow
alicenine. - JEWELS


I think I messed up my mic even worse now. ~_~ I tried recording myself at a very quiet pitch, then amplified the recording, but there's way too much noise. My noise remover almost does the trick, but there's some sort of low frequency disturbance whenever I use it. It's sort of creepy. Anyway, I didn't do any of that for this episode. Yui gets the first-played spot this week. Wild CD cover.

Songs played in this episode:
Hoshimura Mai - Sakura Biyori
Takahashi Hitomi - Candy Line
HOME MADE Kazoku - Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~
Ikimonogakari - SAKURA -acoustic version-


Lots of pop stars in this episode, as sort of indicated in the title of the episode. Just like in a recent episode of Music Station, you'll get to hear Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki in the same episode.

Songs played in this episode:
Utada Hikaru - Flavor Of Life
Ayaka x Kobukuro - WINDING ROAD
Hirai Ken - Kimi no Suki na Toko
Nakashima Mika - Mienai Hoshi
Hamasaki Ayumi - part of Me


Man, can Ikimonogakari be any more awesome? Two new songs from their latest single in this episode. Also, a few love songs made specially for Valentines Day. Sorry for the late post by the way, I probably won't be able to post episodes on a regular scheduled time anymore, so I'll just try to get episodes out when I can. You can still expect one per week on average, but it may take awhile to get a few out. If there are problems where I can't get more episodes out, I'll post about it.

Songs played in this episode:
Ikimonogakari - Uruwashiki Hito
Kawashima Ai - My Love
Kuraki Mai - Season of love
melody. - Finding My Road
Ikimonogakari - Seishun no Tobira


Sorry for no episode last week, but I got a new hard drive and my laptop should be fine now, at least for longer than a week. Lots of english phrases heard in this episode's songs, including a near all-english song. I didn't mean to do that, it just sort of happened.

Songs played in this episode:
Monkey Majik + m-flo - Picture Perfect
Tommy heavenly6 - Heavy Starry Chain
ayaka - I believe

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